Transitional season: what to wear?

Jimmy caught me in the garage, halfway between taking off my sandals and putting on my work shoes. Still hanging onto summer, though it’s not quite autumn.

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2 Responses to Transitional season: what to wear?

  1. ulrike says:

    Jane, you just caught ME in reorganizing my shoe closet! A beautiful sunny Bavarian fall day today, how much we wish this would last! Here in Munich, Oktoberfest has started yesterday- and that´s just the season BEFORE Christmas decoration starts to remind us of this year´s end. Love to you! Ulrike

    • jelizabeth says:

      Fall is so sweet in New England, even though it’s hard to figure out what to wear, and sweeter because it goes so fast. At least we have Thanksgiving to think of before Christmas. Oh! And Halloween, too. Love back.

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